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Brad Cope

Vice President of Marketing

Brad Cope has a soft spot for the Level Legal core value: Deliver Delight. And as VP of marketing, he is charged with fulfilling this value in every decision he makes. He knows the power of unexpectedly bringing joy to another, and he also knows how to measure it. For Brad, if it can’t be measured, then it probably isn’t the best path to take. He knows marketing must serve the business purpose first, and the key to success is data.

Leveraging his experience as a magazine editor and writer for the Better Homes and Garden group, The Week newsmagazine, and Southwest Airlines, Brad has the rare ability to combine his creativity and technical expertise to design innovative, unique solutions when it comes to building brand awareness and revenue. He never assumes he knows the answer to any issue facing him, nor does he count on intuition only to find the solution. He gathers information, processes what he has learned, and then makes a data-driven decision most likely to bring success. And if he needs to pivot quickly? The data is right in front to guide him.

Brad was born in Lubbock, Texas (hometown of Buddy Holly), met and married his wife in San Antonio (home of the Alamo), worked in Colorado Springs (home of Pikes Peak), had twins in New Jersey (although both now respectively call Texas A&M and Baylor University home), and returned to Texas to market Southwest Airlines (home of delightful flying). He enjoys reading, travel, and his wife’s New Orleans cooking.

Culture Index Profile: Technical Expert

We don’t sell solutions. We give peace of mind.

We keep things moving toward the finish line, all with technical expertise and artful grace.
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Our Framework


During this phase, we work to step away from any assumptions and guesses about what our customers needs, and let our research findings inform our decision-making. We learn more about our customers, their problems, wants, and needs, and the environment or context in which they will use the solution we offer.

Our Framework


During the Define phase, we analyze our research findings from the Understand phase and determine what is the most important problem to solve — and why. This step defines the goal. Then we can give a clear problem statement, describing what our customers’ needs are that we are trying to solve, making sure that we heard and defined their problem correctly.

Our Framework


This phase is an important part of the discipline in our process. People often settle for the first solution, but the most obvious solution is often not the right one. During the Solve phase, we brainstorm collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to generate many unique solutions. We then analyze our potential solutions and make choices about which are the best to pursue based on learnings in the Understand phase.

Our Framework

Build & Test.

This phase is critical in developing the right solution to our customers’ problem. An organized approach to testing can help avoid rework and create exceptional outcomes. Starting small and testing the solution, we iterate quickly, before deploying solutions across the entire project.

Our Framework


During this phase, the hard work of prior phases comes to life in our customers’ best solution. The research, collaboration, and testing performed prior to project kick-off ensure optimal results.

Our Framework


At the project completion, we convene all stakeholders to discuss what went well, what could have been better, and how we might improve going forward. We call these meetings “Retrospectives,” and we perform them internally as a project team, and with our external customers. The Retrospective is one of the most powerful, meaningful tools in our framework.