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Jeff Guttman

Director of Client Services

Jeff Guttman is a renaissance man. Just ask anyone.

Level Legal’s director of client services first heard the label as a teen. While playing pickup basketball, he mentioned some of his varied interests, and one of his friends said, “You’re a renaissance man.” Just so.

Fortunately for us and our value-driven customers, a broad perspective is exactly what you want in eDiscovery and managed review. Someone with a holistic perspective of the documents: the data, the metadata, and the human beings behind the terabytes.

That’s Jeff. Which is why he’s held senior-level eDiscovery positions for more than a decade. A true craftsman, he enjoys taking the raw materials from small matters to the largest private tech acquisition and reshaping them, improving them.

Before earning a law degree from Rutgers University, Jeff lived a characteristically diverse and colorful life. Study of the great books in college. Cotillion marshal in South Carolina. Lawnmower repairman in suburban New Jersey.

These days on weekends you’ll find him gardening and nursing his ever-present mug of coffee while immersed in the fantasy role-playing game Path of Exile. “To win,” Jeff says, “sometimes you need to use calculus.”

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