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Joey Seeber


Born and raised in Texas, Joey Seeber started giving speeches around the fireplace at four and carrying a briefcase by kindergarten. He grew up to become an experienced litigator, successful entrepreneur, dedicated elected official, and then CEO — all of which allow him to still give speeches and carry a briefcase.

As a practicing attorney, Joey learned the pain points and pressures of the profession – from tackling complex litigation-related discovery matters to persuading a jury in his clients’ favor. He also served three terms as mayor of Tyler, Texas, where he discovered how important it is to listen before speaking, as well as the power of collaboration among colleagues to get things done well. And from his numerous entrepreneurial ventures, Joey recognized the magic of hospitality in changing problems into opportunities.

From all of his varied life experiences — including his stressful (albeit brief) run as Dugout Dad for both Patrick Mahomes and Johnny Manziel in their Little League days — Joey began to envision what is now Level Legal. He knew there was a need in the legal industry to give employees and customers exceptional outcomes through a delightful, hospitable experience. In his words, “We are making legal human.”

As Level Legal’s first and only CEO in its 13-year history, Joey leads with his head and his heart, never sacrificing his values or his people for a short win. He plays the long game in life, and those who get to play with him are better for it.

For fun, Joey enjoys riding his bike, traveling to new places with great views and great food, and spending as much time as he can get with his two grown sons.

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We don’t sell solutions. We give peace of mind.

We keep things moving toward the finish line, all with technical expertise and artful grace.