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Who’s Afraid of ESG?

By Greg Moreman If Halloween left you unfazed, law firms and legal departments should consider a few spooky statistics about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies. Eighty-nine percent of compliance leaders surveyed said they feel responsible for ESG...

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Podcast: eDiscovery After Hours

Ryan Short, the host of the eDiscovery After Hours podcast, invited our CEO and co-founder Joey Seeber to join him this month. The two discuss Joey’s journey from practicing law to purchasing a business he knew nothing about to public service as the Mayor of Tyler,...

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Hiring Done Right: “Look Beyond the Resume”

Our CEO, Joey Seeber, spoke on Legal Talk Network’s Un-Billable Hour podcast with Christopher T. Anderson. Joey discusses the importance of “looking beyond the resume” and how you can alleviate hiring frustrations. At Level Legal, we know that hiring the right people...

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Bigger is Not Always Better

In businesses like ours, specialization matters. Competency matters. But the details are what really matter. So, when outside money comes in from private equity and elsewhere, there are often things that look great on paper (see "spreadsheet") but that don’t play out...

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6 Changes The Legal Industry Should Prepare For

6 Changes The Legal Industry Should Prepare For

CEO Joey Seeber writes, “Even before the COVID-19 crisis struck, clients were demanding improved efficiency, predictability and cost-effectiveness from their legal partners.”2020 — what a year! Attorneys and compliance pros have had to adapt rapidly to the many new...

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Exceptional Leadership in Texas 2020

Texas CEO Magazine Joey Seeber is an experienced litigator, successful entrepreneur and CEO and cofounder of Level Legal—a legal services company based in Richardson, Texas, that works with AmLaw 200 and Fortune 1000 companies. Prior to founding Level Legal in 2009,...

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Level Legal CEO Joey Seeber joins Ari Kaplan on a podcast to discuss how LL has adapted to the current environment, the opportunities for growth, leadership and advice for CEOs in the legal industry, and where the legal sector is headed.

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Innovation in compliance: Playing the long game

By Tom Fox, Compliance Podcast Network | May 12, 2020Leigh Vickery of Level Legal joins Tom Fox on this week’s show to discuss her company’s innovative managed services for the legal and compliance industry. She shares how they help clients get to the next level using...

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