Great people are found, then trained.

Do you have a high HQ?

Contrary to the popular mantra that “the customer is always right,” we believe the best way to ensure a great customer experience is to put our people first. After all, there’s no way we could give at the level our customers expect if our people don’t first feel great about coming to work each day.

While the world may be obsessed over your IQ or even EQ, we’re looking for the HQ: Hospitality Quotient. People with high HQs are focused not only on excellence in the technical delivery of services, but also on providing the very best customer experience possible.

We will first ask you to take a short assessment from Culture Index to help us understand how you like to work and how you show up in the workplace. Culture Index is more than a typical personality profile as it also helps us see how you might strengthen the existing Level Legal team. We believe strongly that collaboration is a superpower, and this additional insight ensures we are adding strong individuals to build better teams.

From our team members.

From our team.

Open full-time and temporary positions.

  • 5Recruiter (Remote)
  • 5Document Review Attorney (Temporary)

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