Managed Review

We are your agents, not your gatekeepers.

Take something people already know.
Do it better than they thought it could be done.
And treat them better than they knew they could be treated.

This approach comes from restaurant empresario Danny Meyer. By contrast, our industry has a reputation for filling document reviews with nameless, faceless attorneys seen as disposable labor sources. And yet, we have seen legal strategies pivot radically based on the insights our people find in the chaos of mountains of data.

Who do you trust in your documents?

The kind of customers we work with know their cases can be lost from sloppy results and they hire us to make sure this never happens. Our job is to help you win the day by constantly adjusting and driving to the finish line, all with technical expertise and artful grace. It should go without saying, but we take security seriously.

What our customers can expect from us:

Scoping and alignment
Workflow expertise
Retrospective assessments

You can expect

Scoping and alignment

We’re staged to handle any matter size – from one megabyte to one petabyte. No matter type, complexity, or schedule fazes us: litigation, regulatory, due diligence, compliance, merger control, internal investigations. We will review on our platform or yours. We’ve got your back.

You can expect

Workflow expertise.

Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their projects are run by attorneys and technologists who understand the bigger picture and deliver the outcomes you need. What outcomes? Production candidacy, accelerated fact development and knowledge transfer, service-ready privilege logs, defensible redactions, deposition and motion support, foreign language – and everything else.

You can expect


Many vendors deliver reports, but Level Legal’s output covers not only the past, but also the present and future. A 360 degree perspective. Our approach eliminates surprises and puts you back in control of your matter.

You can expect

Retrospective assesments.

After every matter, we meet with customers receive and give feedback on the three P’s of project review: planning, performance, and perfecting. That last point in particular helps us continue to elevate our performance.