Level Legal values and respects the strengths and differences among our employees, contractors, customers, and communities because they reflect our future success.

Our customers, suppliers, and strategic partners are increasingly diverse and multicultural. We must be positioned to understand, interface, relate to, and meet their needs.

Our challenge is to seek out and use our diversity in ways that bring new and richer perspectives to our organization and the customers we support. We know diversity is the secret to real results in innovation.

Our commitment is consistent with our recognition that it is the outstanding people within the organization who have always been the source of our strength. Our colleagues are the organization’s greatest assets.

We have long embraced the principles of equal employment opportunity. We further recognize that promoting diversity is an integral component of our continuing quest for excellence as individual attorneys and as an organization. As part of the effort to advance our commitment to diversity throughout the organization, we are pursuing the following initiatives:

  • Improve the level of diversity within the organization’s leadership positions, committees, and business development efforts.
  • Develop an attorney and senior manager evaluation process to set clear expectations and accountability around diversity and inclusion.
  • Annually review and recognize the contributions made by attorneys and managers to advance the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Emphasize the firm’s long-standing policy that encourages reporting of any discrimination or harassment based on sex, race, national origin, or other protected status.
  • Participate in opportunities outside the organization to explore diversity and inclusion initiatives underway with customers, bar associations, and minority organizations that share this common objective.
  • Strengthen our diversity through recruiting and retaining minority and women attorneys and staff personnel from all backgrounds.
  • Develop mentoring and sponsorship programs for our employees.
  • Recognize diversity as a business imperative in increasing our business opportunities and partnerships with key external markets, communities, and suppliers.
  • Create a work environment that engages, enables, and empowers people to do their best work.
  • Focus specifically on recruitment, retention, and development of diverse talent at all levels in the organization.
  • Lead in our community by valuing diversity.
  • Provide regular and repeated diversity and inclusion training to all of our workforce.

Level Legal’s D & I initiative works closely with leadership to carry out these and other initiatives to help strengthen diversity throughout the organization. Of course, each one of us must accept responsibility for and do our part to fulfill our organization’s commitment to diversity. Level Legal accepts responsibility to be a leader in assuring that a diverse workforce is recognized as an important cornerstone for success in our industry. For Level Legal to be an excellent leader in the legal services industry, we believe this commitment must be honored.

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Our Framework


During this phase, we work to step away from any assumptions and guesses about what our customers needs, and let our research findings inform our decision-making. We learn more about our customers, their problems, wants, and needs, and the environment or context in which they will use the solution we offer.

Our Framework


During the Define phase, we analyze our research findings from the Understand phase and determine what is the most important problem to solve — and why. This step defines the goal. Then we can give a clear problem statement, describing what our customers’ needs are that we are trying to solve, making sure that we heard and defined their problem correctly.

Our Framework


This phase is an important part of the discipline in our process. People often settle for the first solution, but the most obvious solution is often not the right one. During the Solve phase, we brainstorm collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to generate many unique solutions. We then analyze our potential solutions and make choices about which are the best to pursue based on learnings in the Understand phase.

Our Framework

Build & Test.

This phase is critical in developing the right solution to our customers’ problem. An organized approach to testing can help avoid rework and create exceptional outcomes. Starting small and testing the solution, we iterate quickly, before deploying solutions across the entire project.

Our Framework


During this phase, the hard work of prior phases comes to life in our customers’ best solution. The research, collaboration, and testing performed prior to project kick-off ensure optimal results.

Our Framework


At the project completion, we convene all stakeholders to discuss what went well, what could have been better, and how we might improve going forward. We call these meetings “Retrospectives,” and we perform them internally as a project team, and with our external customers. The Retrospective is one of the most powerful, meaningful tools in our framework.